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2012 Primeira Paixão Merlot

  I’m a supporter of the table wines of Madeira. They’re much needed for the inseperable travel and gastronomy industry and won’t oppose a threat to the island’s fortified wine industry. Sure, they’re both aiming at the desirable Verdelho grape…

Madeira – 2012 Vintage Report

Vintage variation and vintage expectation; does this matter when it comes to Madeira wine? The doubtful might question if it gives any meaning to talk about it, considering it’s only microscopic amounts of Vintage Madeira produced every year. Furthermore, most…

2012; An Odyssey from A-Z

Published on Wine Virtuosity but since Madeira is mentioned more than once, I want to have it here as well. Wine is fermented grape juice. Nothing new or sensational there. A majority of the world’s wine consumers settle with knowing…

Madeira 2012; A Photographic Report – Part 3

My main purpose with Mad about Madeira is to enthuse. To make you curious, wanting to taste something that might be new to you. Or even visit the island. And a wine site without photographies….how boring isn’t that? Please continue…

Madeira 2012; A Photographic Report – Part 2

600 photographs later, lots of new impressions, knowledge and wines tasted, Mad about Madeira have all the prerequisites to continue yet a year. Regular visits is a must and I can’t thank the producers enough for their time and generosity….

Madeira 2012; A Photographic Report

I can’t think of a better way to report but directly from Madeira! Tasting the current vintage, last year’s or an 1885 Verdelho, doesn’t really matter; it is all great fun and inspires me a lot to keep on writing…

Madeira; It’s been a year.

Thanks for following Mad about Madeira. The coming week I’m visiting the island; collecting new impressions but meeting the same great people! Less posting here, but more activity to be expected on the site’s FB page, on Twitter and Instagram….


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