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Madeira 2012; A Photographic Report – Part 2

600 photographs later, lots of new impressions, knowledge and wines tasted, Mad about Madeira have all the prerequisites to continue yet a year. Regular visits is a must and I can’t thank the producers enough for their time and generosity….

The Rare Wine Co.; Historic Series – Boston Bual

  There’s this little thing I haven’t mentioned in the two previous postings on the Historic Series. It’s spelled old wine. Really, really old wine! In each of the wines, the winemaker Ricardo Diogo Freitas includes 15 per cent Tinta…

Broadbent’s 10 Years Old Malmsey

  Finally! At last I got to taste the Broadbent 10 years old Malmsey – a wine which seems to be highly praised amongst those residing on the other side of the Atlantic. The bottling isn’t as available in Europe…

Are you one of my new followers?

  It seems an eternity ago and once in a while I have to remind myself of our five weeks stay in Funchal earlier this year. More than 1,000 photographs do their part to help and when the urge to…

Today I am only mad….

Dear reader. Today I am only mad. First this weekend’s disappointment; a cork tainted Buisson Renard and then today when needing a spontaneous Madeira gift buy, I realized what a depressing lack of Madeira assortment we have in Sweden. I…


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