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July 1 is #madeirawineday

  Are you also a Madeira wine fan? Then why not like the Mad about Madeira page on Facebook? Or send me a request? Fortified friends stick together! Producing Madeira wine is all about having the time to wait; five…

2013; An Odyssey From A-Z

  Originally published on Wine Virtuosity but since Madeira is an essential part of my list, it’s published here as well.   It’s twenty years ago now and I still remember the 1990 Bordeaux tasting as if it was yesterday….

Mad About Madeira Categorized

  At the start you don’t give it any particular notice. The excitement of writing kind of takes over. But then after a while you realize it’s one big mess everything, the categories, and there are no real pattern in…

Mad About Madeira – Not Entirely About Wine

Mad about Madeira is exactly what it indicates and not entirely a Madeira wine love affaire. Madeira is so much more; it’s for example: Beautiful sunsets Architecture (Oscar Niemeyer, Pestana Casino) Colors of the season Fresh caught fish Espetada –…

Maderized Wine

What does it mean, to connote? Basically, you have a word and in addition to its primary meaning you add or suggest an associated or secondary meaning of a word or expression. A connotation can be both positive and negative….


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