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Drinking history; 1969 Sercial from Pereira d’Oliveira

  Madeira wine nuts should stick together. Follow Mad about Madeira on Facebook! While there, give my other wine site a like as well, Wine Virtuosity. I’m also on Twitter, like anyone else. Let’s tweet! Let’s continue to discuss Sercial but take a huge…

Pereira d’Oliveira: 1932 Verdelho [vehr-DEH-lyoh]

  “It’s actually the first time we’ve bottled it,” says Luís d’Oliveira. “Around 78 years in cask. It was showing really well so we bottled it earlier this year.” It’s good to be back again. At the old warehouse in…

Pereira d’Oliveira – 1907 Malvazia

  While Pereira d’Oliveira’s 1907 Malvazia (bottled in 2003) started its life 1907, Grieg’s ended. Few composers has attained such popularity as Edvard Grieg and I wonder if there’s any classic composer whose music has seen so many covers by modern…


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