Category: Isabel Borges

H.M. Borges 1940 Solera

  A few years ago I had the luck to purchase some discounted bottles of the Veiga França 1940 Reserva Solera, a producer not existing anymore. Veiga França went out of trade during the 1990’s I believe – and their…

H.M. Borges – still a desert island wine?

  A cascade of orange peel, sugar cane, nutmeg, vanilla and old casks fills the glass. It’s so complex and sublime you just want to sit there for an hour an savor the bouquet. – We bottled this in celebration…

H.M. Borges – a teaser

  Standing in front of the H.M. Borges building on Rua 31 de Janeiro it doesn’t reveal much of what’s inside the old flour mill. But behind the walls and the shop with its lovely tasting room you will find…


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