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Artur & Edmundo Olim; Thank You For Everything

  It all started with Dr Pedro Jose Lomelino setting up the company for Artur de Barros e Sousa in the beginning of the 1920’s. It all ends, 91 years later with Artur and Edmundo Olim, the fourth generation. Artur Barros…

Madeira 2012; A Photographic Report – Part 3

My main purpose with Mad about Madeira is to enthuse. To make you curious, wanting to taste something that might be new to you. Or even visit the island. And a wine site without photographies….how boring isn’t that? Please continue…

Artur De Barros e Sousa Lda: A travel in time

  Madeira wine nuts should stick together. Follow Mad about Madeira on Facebook! While there, give my other wine site a like as well, Wine Virtuosity. I’m also on Twitter, like anyone else. Let’s tweet! Revisit. I’m entering the doorway…


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