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Blandy’s 1996 Malmsey Colheita

  The 1996 Malmsey from Blandy’s is a perfect example why I just love the colheitas. 15 years in cask really shows and although it isn’t a Frasqueira, the wine is not that far away. Today the vintage wines aren’t…

Vinhos Barbeito – Single Cask 409 C

  Yes, it’s a Tinta Negra. And yes, it’s absolutely brilliant! The 1996 Single Cask 409 C is one of those wines that everyone with prejudiced Tinta Negra thoughts should taste. Well, the rest of us should have it as…

Vinhos Barbeito; 1996 Cask 119 Verdelho Colheita

You like Madeira wine? Then you’ve come to the right place! Mad about Madeira is solely dedicated to the world’s most breathtaking wine. The people behind Madeira wine deserves more attention and so does the wine. You can find the…


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