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A Benchmark Boal

  Last year, d’Oliveiras released the following quintet; 1929 Tinta Negra, 1986 Boal, 1990 Sercial, 1994 Malvasia and 2003 Verdelho Colheita. As has become the case with the company’s new releases, the quality of the wines all impressed. But one…

New Releases by D’Oliveiras During 2016

  During 2016, d’Oliveiras will release six new wines and two of them will most likely receive som extra attention. The new wines, or old is perhaps a better choice, are expected to start entering the market during summer. The…

Fajã dos Padres; 1986 Malvasia

Every wine region has it; a property, a single vineyard, a specific wine or vintage that enjoys a particular repute. Madeira is no exception. There’s this one, small but historically famous vineyard, called Fajã dos Padres which for centuries was…


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