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Maderized Wine

What does it mean, to connote? Basically, you have a word and in addition to its primary meaning you add or suggest an associated or secondary meaning of a word or expression. A connotation can be both positive and negative….

Madeira 2012; A Photographic Report – Part 4

Mad about Madeira continues promoting the island in a broader perspective. Here’s the last one of four photographic reports. If you like the content, I invite you to visit and like the site’s Facebook page as well. Again, it is…

If these casks could talk….

  Madeira aged in a canteiro system is all about old casks. I mean really old! Beyond the angel’s shares due to the evaporation, the casks also might start leaking suddenly and thus in urgent need of being fixed.  Entering…

Artur Barros e Sousa – a true handcraft

You know the phrase – ” A picture is worth a thousand words.” If I had to pick just one to describe the handcraft expressed in everything Artur and Edmundo stands for it would have to be this one! Dust,…


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