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#madeirawineday – The Followup

  Wine sites come and go, this one stays! It’s been around eight years now, Mad about Madeira, and there’s no intention to stop. Madeira is still the most breathtaking wine in my world & I’ll keep promoting it to…

The 1st of July is #madeirawineday

  “Dia da Madeira” (Madeira day) is celebrated on the 1st of July, the date when Portugal granted Madeira its autonomy back in 1976. It’s a perfect occasion to show you support the craftsmanship carried out by those involved in…


  It’s gorgeous, the 1999 Sercial Colheita from d’Oliveiras. Bottled in 2013, it offers a green almonds character, sour lemons and an iodeni’sh herbal character. I love it! The sourness, the refreshing style, the balance. Somebody, I think it was…


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