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Are you one of my new followers?

  It seems an eternity ago and once in a while I have to remind myself of our five weeks stay in Funchal earlier this year. More than 1,000 photographs do their part to help and when the urge to…

Debra Meiburg MW talks Madeira!

  There’s no doubt the Madeira wine are worthy of more attention than it gets. That’s why it’s so pleasing to read Debra Meiburg’s piece on the subject – Mind your Madeira: Exploring “America’s Fortified Wine” Click here to read…

Madeira is back – at least in UK!

British Telegraph reports that Madeira has had something of a resurrection in the country and that sales are rocketing! Waitrose increased their sale with 20 per cent last 12 months and reports from other retailers are similar.     For…


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