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DNA Analyzing Tinta Negra, Listrão & Caracol

  At my most recent visit to Madeira, Paulo Mendes told me about a project he had started together with Foundation Plant Services at UC Davis in California; to have Listrão scientifically confirmed to be the same (or not) as…

Caracol, Listrão & Madeira Vintners

  It’s delicious to eat, the Listrão, but now I am about to taste my first young vinified version of it. And what adds extra excitement, is the fact that next to the Listrão there’s a Caracol. Porto Santo re-enters…

The resurrection of Listrão?

  Madeira wine is not restricted merely to the island itself. Grapes are also cultivated on the island of Porto Santo. Located northeast of Madeira, Porto Santo differs a lot compared to the main island, climate wise and also soil…


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