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Blandy’s 30 Years Old Bual – A Great Debut

  There’s a first time for everything. Like producing a 30 Years Old Bual. But hopefully not a last time because Blandy’s initial attempt at the mentioned age level is nothing but brilliant. Many sequels please. No, it’s actually not…

Vó Vera – A Tribute to Granny

  During easter, at my most recent visit to Vinhos Barbeito, Ricardo Diogo presented a wine to me with the words; you can’t write about this. Not yet. Fine, easy to respect that, I thought. Then he poured the wine….

A Worthy Successor, The 30 Years Old Malvasia

  Their 40 Years Old Malvazia was an extra-ordinary wine. But the new release from from H.M. Borges, the 30 Years Old Malvasia, is a worthy successor. If you’re into the sweeter style of Madeira, this is simply put a must…

Vinhos Barbeito: A grande finale

-There are more modern instruments, but we like this old one, Americo says when explaining for me how they measure the alcohol content in the wines. We’re standing in the laboratory of Vinhos Barbeito together with Americo Pereira who’s guiding…


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