Before estufa (Madeira wine)

Photos Of The Day – Different Shades Of Estufagem


Why go on a long and tossing voyage on the sea when you can stay on land and be subject of a more temperature controlled estufagem? Today’s duplication of the old vinho da roda, a round trip Madeira, is of course since long the established way to heat up the more simple wines. The heating temperature varies between the differing philosophies of the producers but rarely it goes past much more than 50 C.

After the estufa (Madeira wine)
Displayed are two photographs of estufa wines were the picture above shows the one about to start and the second photo shows one that has been through the heating process, something the colors of the two wines reveal. Both are Tinta Negras at Vinhos Barbeito.

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  1. castor fiber

    Hello Niklas!
    I tried to get in touch with you the other day regarding places/producers to visit while in Douro. Just wondering if you got the mail? I used the ‘contact-form’ on wine virtuosity. Thanks in advance! / Viktor

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