Vinhos Barbeito – Single Cask 409 C


Yes, it’s a Tinta Negra. And yes, it’s absolutely brilliant!

The 1996 Single Cask 409 C is one of those wines that everyone with prejudiced Tinta Negra thoughts should taste. Well, the rest of us should have it as well. The longer time in cask has been good to the wine which shows an impressive concentration. Fine bouquet of toffee, tobacco, walnuts, dusty cellar and lemon zest. Add some herbs to that, a gentle floral touch and a dash of iodine.

Vinhos Barbeito Single Cask 409 C

On the palate it offers the sweetness of a Bual (88 g/l) and the acidity structure of Vinhos Barbeito. For a newcomer that means a marked acidity and I just love it. Quite elegant taste with a spicy nutmeg feel, a refreshing green feeling, like chewing on the stems (yes, I have tried that as well), wet rocks and a fudge like creaminess. Some pipe tobacco as well. Impressive length and a pure remaining aftertaste.

The MAM opinion:

Tasting notes



Europeans can find it at Ruth & Karsten’s Wein-Galerie in Berlin. They ship. Madeira friends in the USA; check with The Rare Wine Co if it’s available.

One more Tinta Negra from Vinhos Barbeito, worth tracking down.



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