Madeira October 2013 – When A Pro’s Behind The Camera


When it seems that the next Madeira trip first will take place in January, it’s good to have one’s own flesh and blood there already, documenting. And it doesn’t hurt at all knowing my brother’s a trained photographer, coming home with some amazing shots from the island. Here’s the first part of his first impressions of Madeira. Photos clickable. Enjoy!


MadeiraWhat’s not to love? 

EspadaEspada. Ugly but tasty.

Vinhos BarbeitoVinhos Barbeito on a rainy Wednesday.

Artur Barros e Sousa LdaThe canteiro of Artur Barros e Sousa Lda.

Vinhos BarbeitoLeandro, walking the canteiro at Vinhos Barbeito.

Madeira botleMadeira bottle.

Bottling lineBottling line.

MadeiraArriving? Leaving?

Part 1. At least one more coming up…

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