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Vote Madeira In Wine Blog Awards

  Later in 2015, Mad about Madeira is celebrating seven years on the world wide web. That’s a long time on the Internet and I’ve seen many other wine sites come and go. I guess some were hoping cyberspace would…

H.M. Borges 30 Years Old Malvasia

A Worthy Successor, The 30 Years Old Malvasia

  Their 40 Years Old Malvazia was an extra-ordinary wine. But the new release from from H.M. Borges, the 30 Years Old Malvasia, is a worthy successor. If you’re into the sweeter style of Madeira, this is simply put a must…

2002 Bual Colheita, Blandy's

A New Release: Blandy’s 2002 Colheita Bual

  At a recent visit to Madeira and Blandy’s, I was poured a new release, the 2002 Colheita Bual. It surprised me a bit, in a positive way, with its elegance, more gentle and cool character style. Yet it had…

Adam & Albin Matstudio, Stockholm

A Madeira Wine Dinner

  The 30 seats were quickly booked but to be honest; did any of the guests really know what was awaiting them? Adam Dahlberg and Albin Wessman, both previously at Mathias Dahlgren, runs Adam & Albin Matstudio in Stockholm. Two…

1882 Malvasia, Vinhos Barbeito

And Then We Had Some 1882 Malvasia….

  So, I have this 1882 Malvasia in front of me. A wine which originates from the count of Ribeiro Real, or rather his family. Vinhos Barbeito bottled it earlier this year from demijohns and there were less than two…

Madeira Vinhos Barbeito

Vinhos Barbeito; Sealing With Wax

  Sealing bottles with wax is still practiced by some producers, mainly for their top premium wines or limited edition bottles. Here, the stenciling and waxing of a 30 Years Old Malvasia at Vinhos Barbeito.        

Blandy's Wine Lodge

Photos Of The Day; Mestre x 4

  There are not more than six of them left on the island of Madeira, the coopers. And four of these works at Blandy’s. To honor their skills, Blandy’s has put the respective name of the coopers on four big…

Paulo Mendes, Madeira wine innovator

Madeira Vintners – Thank You Paulo!

  Writing a wine site solely about Madeira wine becomes quite personal from time to time. I dedicate a lot of time on what I consider the most breathtaking wine in the world. Hence this; I still remember the first…


July 1 is #madeirawineday

  Are you also a Madeira wine fan? Then why not like the Mad about Madeira page on Facebook? Or send me a request? Fortified friends stick together! Producing Madeira wine is all about having the time to wait; five…

Cossart Gordon 2005 Colheita Bual Single Harvest

Bual Love – A New Cossart Gordon Release

  Thanks for following Mad about Madeira! If you’re on Facebook, the site has a page there as well. Why not like? There’s no doubt about it; Blandy’s do take good care of the Cossart Gordon label. Bearing in mind…

Luís d'Oliveira

New Releases From D’Oliveiras

  A few weeks ago, d’Oliveiras released five new Madeira wines. What makes this array something extra is the fact that none of the wines has been released before. When talking to Luís d’Oliveira he especially mentions the rare 1901…

Riedel glass Madeira wine

The Perfect Madeira Wine Glass

  All these years, writing about Madeira wine, and never a mention on what stemware I use. Perhaps I’m slightly excused if telling you it’s been an on-going experiment, or rather, a search for the optimal glass? However, two years…


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