Madeira vines

Photos Of The Day – Bastardo vines

  Bastardo is back! No, we’re not talking about any considerable volumes. Just a few rows here and there. But the re-planting of the grape which is supported by the institute of IVBAM, is slightly increasing. Whether or not there’s…

Madeira Vintners

A New Winery Is Born – A Sneak Preview

  Last year, the new producer Madeira Vintners used their facilities and winery for the first time. Few have visited so here’s a sneak preview of the interior, exterior and inventory. For the bottled wines you still have to show…

Vinhos Barbeito

Images From ViniPortugal In Stockholm

  Among all wine events visiting Stockholm throughout the year, the Wines of Portugal day, arranged by ViniPortugal, are often one of the best. The 2014 version was not only yet a well organized journey through Portuguese wines, it was…

Madeira Vintners

Caracol, Listrão & Madeira Vintners

  It’s delicious to eat, the Listrão, but now I am about to taste my first young vinified version of it. And what adds extra excitement, is the fact that next to the Listrão there’s a Caracol. Porto Santo re-enters…

Capela de Nossa Senhora de Fátima, Saõ Vicente

Photo Of The Day: Capela De Nossa Senhora De Fátima

  From Senhor Gonçalves Tinta Negra vineyard on the opposite side of the valley, the view is simply breathtaking. São Vicente was in the past a hidden village, to protect it and its church from sea pirates. Today it’s one…

Chalet Vicente, Funchal

Pairing Madeira & Food At Chalet Vicente

  Generous chunks of polvo – squid that is – marinated in vinegar together with raw vegetables and parsley. Not pickled, more the gentle acidity of a nice vinegar. For aesthetic reasons, serve it in a hollowed out cabbage head….

Vinhos Barbeito Single Cask 409 C

Vinhos Barbeito – Single Cask 409 C

  Yes, it’s a Tinta Negra. And yes, it’s absolutely brilliant! The 1996 Single Cask 409 C is one of those wines that everyone with prejudiced Tinta Negra thoughts should taste. Well, the rest of us should have it as…


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