Quinta do Bispo, Blandy's

Quinta do Bispo

  One option is of course to just hope business will continue as usual. That the next generation of wine growers considers it natural delivering grapes to the producers. But what if not? What if they want to do something…

Madeira article in Livets Goda

Since The Last Time

I have been a thousand places Seen a million faces Since the last time It’s been way too long since the last posting on the site. Almost three months. An eternity in cyberspace but not as long as between the…


#madeirawineday – The Followup

  Wine sites come and go, this one stays! It’s been around eight years now, Mad about Madeira, and there’s no intention to stop. Madeira is still the most breathtaking wine in my world & I’ll keep promoting it to…

Blandy's 30 Years Old Bual

Blandy’s 30 Years Old Bual – A Great Debut

  There’s a first time for everything. Like producing a 30 Years Old Bual. But hopefully not a last time because Blandy’s initial attempt at the mentioned age level is nothing but brilliant. Many sequels please. No, it’s actually not…

1877 Terrantez HM Borges

HM Borges 1877 Terrantez – A Storyteller

  I probably should focus totally on what’s in the glass, the 1877 Terrantez, a monumental wine and a memory for life. A wine bought by the company’s founder Henrique Menezes Borges shortly after he started the partidista business of…


The 1st of July is #madeirawineday

  “Dia da Madeira” (Madeira day) is celebrated on the 1st of July, the date when Portugal granted Madeira its autonomy back in 1976. It’s a perfect occasion to show you support the craftsmanship carried out by those involved in…

Filipe Santos at his Paixão do Vinho Wine bar in Funchal, Madeira

Paixão Do Vinho – A Little Gem Of A Wine Bar

  Are you visiting Madeira and Funchal? Would you like to learn more about Portuguese wines in general, including Madeira? Then you must visit Paixão do Vinho! Filipe Santos runs a wine distribution on Madeira. He is also the man…

Vó Vera

Vó Vera – A Tribute to Granny

  During easter, at my most recent visit to Vinhos Barbeito, Ricardo Diogo presented a wine to me with the words; you can’t write about this. Not yet. Fine, easy to respect that, I thought. Then he poured the wine….

d'oliveiras Madeira

New Releases by D’Oliveiras During 2016

  During 2016, d’Oliveiras will release six new wines and two of them will most likely receive som extra attention. The new wines, or old is perhaps a better choice, are expected to start entering the market during summer. The…

1966 Bual Blandy's

A Monumental Bual – Blandy’s 1966

  2015 was a year filled with good news when it comes to Madeira wine. Tinta Negra was elevated, a new category saw daylight – the 50 Years Old blend, IVBAM launched a promotion and support plan for Terrantez cultivations,…

Madeira Vintners

Madeira Vintners Releases Their First Wines

  Today, the 5th of April 2016, Madeira Vintners releases their first two wines. Not something that happens on a regular basis anymore in Madeira; that a new producer enters the traditional fortified wines scene. It’s been a long road…


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