1980 Terrantez Artur Barros e Sousa

1980 Terrantez From The Olím Brothers

  Wine is supposed to be consumed, not kept, although some bottles come with a certain psychological barrier. Like the 1980 Terrantez from the Olím brothers Artur and Edmundo, a k a Artur Barros e Sousa Lda. Now history as…

Blandy's Madeira

Beautiful Blandy’s

  When words are not needed. A tour around the canteiros and premises of Blandy’s, at Avenida Arriaga in the city center of Funchal. Magical…               Visit the wine lodge, meet the great people…

1977 Terrantez d'Oliveiras

D’Oliveiras: 1977 Terrantez

  By now, I’ve had the d’Oliveiras 1977 Terrantez on numerous occasions and feel it’s a wine worthy of yet a posting. Why? It’s just getting better and better! There’s something about Terrantez. I know it, you know it, every…

2012 Primeira Paixão Merlot

2012 Primeira Paixão Merlot

  I’m a supporter of the table wines of Madeira. They’re much needed for the inseperable travel and gastronomy industry and won’t oppose a threat to the island’s fortified wine industry. Sure, they’re both aiming at the desirable Verdelho grape…

VB Reserva Lote 3, Vinhos Barbeito

Barbeito – VB Reserva Lote 3

  The third version of the VB Reserva from Vinhos Barbeito – and also by far my favorite in the trilogy. Blending Verdelho and Bual isn’t something you just do like that; finding the right proportions is essential. That is, if…

Blandy's 1996 Malmsey Colheita

Blandy’s 1996 Malmsey Colheita

  The 1996 Malmsey from Blandy’s is a perfect example why I just love the colheitas. 15 years in cask really shows and although it isn’t a Frasqueira, the wine is not that far away. Today the vintage wines aren’t…

Madeira wine tasting

Bye, Bye Backlog

  I should update more often. Or let’s put it like this; I want to update more often. My backlog is steadily growing. I guess there’s no one but myself to blame but believe me, I’m doing my best to…

Borges 10 Years Old Boal

H M Borges – 10 Years Old Boal

  He’s one of those we speak too little about, working more quietly in the background. But the expression in his wines are just classic, often shaped the elegant way, and they’re all about balance. Some might say his experience…



  It’s gorgeous, the 1999 Sercial Colheita from d’Oliveiras. Bottled in 2013, it offers a green almonds character, sour lemons and an iodeni’sh herbal character. I love it! The sourness, the refreshing style, the balance. Somebody, I think it was…


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