Vó Vera

Vó Vera – A Tribute to Granny

  During easter, at my most recent visit to Vinhos Barbeito, Ricardo Diogo presented a wine to me with the words; you can’t write about this. Not yet. Fine, easy to respect that, I thought. Then he poured the wine….

d'oliveiras Madeira

New Releases by D’Oliveiras During 2016

  During 2016, d’Oliveiras will release six new wines and two of them will most likely receive som extra attention. The new wines, or old is perhaps a better choice, are expected to start entering the market during summer. The…

1966 Bual Blandy's

A Monumental Bual – Blandy’s 1966

  2015 was a year filled with good news when it comes to Madeira wine. Tinta Negra was elevated, a new category saw daylight – the 50 Years Old blend, IVBAM launched a promotion and support plan for Terrantez cultivations,…

Madeira Vintners

Madeira Vintners Releases Their First Wines

  Today, the 5th of April 2016, Madeira Vintners releases their first two wines. Not something that happens on a regular basis anymore in Madeira; that a new producer enters the traditional fortified wines scene. It’s been a long road…

vinhos barbeito

First Madeira Visit 2016

  It’s always great to be back in Madeira. Or as a friend put it; welcome home Niklas. This year’s first visit to the island included visits to both Blandy’s new top-notch facility in Caniçal and the company’s impressive 4.5…

Blandy's 1968 Verdelho

Blandy’s – 1968 Verdelho Vintage

  Nervous and at the same time longing. Last Friday I had my copy in front of me, the hundredth issue of the wine magazine I write for, Scandinavian Livets Goda. My piece was an extensive one, on Etna, a…

1973 Blandy's Verdelho

V For Verdelho – Blandy’s 1973

  Yes, I am a sucker for Verdelho. Yes, it is my favourite Madeira grape. No, I’m not renaming the site Mad about Verdelho.   How we perceive wine will always be of subjective matter. There’s no point in denying…


Mad About Madeira Goes Spotify

  Music is a big part of our lives, essential even. Don’t think anyone will question that. However, if music is able to influence how you perceive a wine is another chapter. Guess it all comes down to how much…

1811 Malvasia Candida

1811 Malvasia Candida – Or?

  A friend of mine came with this sample, an 1811 Malvasia Candida. Unknown producer though. Bought in Portugal. Yeah, I know, I have great friends but that is the wine world. So many fantastic people out there, sharing. In…

H M Borges 10 Years Old Verdelho

A Wine To Improve Conversation

  One of my all time favorite books on Madeira was released 54 years ago; Rupert Croft-Cooke’s Madeira. The English author, sadly little known to many, had a most productive writing career. He basically did it all; fiction, non-fiction, poetry,…

Blandy's Harvest Malmsey 2008

New Release: Blandy’s 2008 Harvest Malmsey

  Nowadays, when tasting a new Madeira release, I’m almost always impressed. Madeira wine has never been better but what perhaps should be emphasized even more is that this doesn’t seem to be enough for some of the producers. It…

1980 Terrantez Artur Barros e Sousa

1980 Terrantez From The Olím Brothers

  Wine is supposed to be consumed, not kept, although some bottles come with a certain psychological barrier. Like the 1980 Terrantez from the Olím brothers Artur and Edmundo, a k a Artur Barros e Sousa Lda. Now history as…


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