Luís d'Oliveira

New Releases From D’Oliveiras

  A few weeks ago, d’Oliveiras released five new Madeira wines. What makes this array something extra is the fact that none of the wines has been released before. When talking to Luís d’Oliveira he especially mentions the rare 1901…

Riedel glass Madeira wine

The Perfect Madeira Wine Glass

  All these years, writing about Madeira wine, and never a mention on what stemware I use. Perhaps I’m slightly excused if telling you it’s been an on-going experiment, or rather, a search for the optimal glass? However, two years…

Vinhos Barbeito 2000 Malvasia Single cask 44a

Vinhos Barbeito’s 2000 Single Cask 44a Malvasia

  And I thought they were all gone! The feeling when realizing you’re still in possession of two bottles of an old favorite is nothing but priceless. But there’s more to the story….   Five years has passed since I…

Vine growers in São Vicente, Madeira

2014; An Odyssey From A-Z

  Hello? Anyone? Wine blog to reader, Roger, out. 2014 were, by far, the most inactive year in the history of Wine Virtuosity. The focus was put on Mad about Madeira although the activity hardly impressed there as well. But I…

Vinhos Barbeito Ribeiro Real Lote 1 Boal

Ribeiro Real Lote 1 Boal – Blended Perfection

  Funny actually; I’m not that much into sweets, chocolate or desserts for that matter. Never really been. Guess it comes with the nut allergy I’ve had since childhood. Although it turned milder with age, it’s still there: the avoiding…

Vinhos Barbeito Single Harvest

Tinta Negra – A Potential Game Changer?

The 1999 and 2000 Single Harvest Tinta Negra from Vinhos Barbeito are both wines I love for several reasons. I know I’m not having all with me on the praising of good Tinta Negra. That’s fine. Or perhaps not? You…

Madeira Vintners Tinta Negra samples

DNA Analyzing Tinta Negra, Listrão & Caracol

  At my most recent visit to Madeira, Paulo Mendes told me about a project he had started together with Foundation Plant Services at UC Davis in California; to have Listrão scientifically confirmed to be the same (or not) as…


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